What Are The Most Important Steps To Consider When Buying A Television

Buy television? Nowadays you have a huge selection of different models. New technologies are also developing very fast in the world of TVs. Because image quality and smart functions are very important nowadays, you can see that TVs are referred to as, for example, smart TV or 4K TV.

Are you orientating yourself for a new television? Then read on! In this article we explain what you should pay attention to when a new TV arrives! Maybe you will start with the sony tv kopen or you really like Ambilight so you start with philips tv kopen to make sure you get that wall colored up.

Do You Want To Use The Smart Television Features?

Do you watch a lot on demand? Then a smart TV can be useful! With a smart TV you are able to use various apps from your television. Think of Netflix, , Fox Sports and other stations. With a smart TV, you no longer have to connect your laptop or use your Playstation whenever you want to enjoy Netflix! Are you going for a smart TV? Then have a look at the Samsung QE75Q8C.

Are you going to buy a new TV ? Above are the most important factors that help you choose a TV that suits you. And of course there are more options for your TV that you can make a decision about. Think of a 3D options or a built-in digital tuner. With this article we hope to help you make the right choice when you purchase a new TV set. Have you recently purchased a new television? Let us know in the comments which model this was and what your experiences are with it.

Format Screen, Which Size Suits You The Best?

Many people often think; the bigger the screen, the better. This is not always applicable. Too large a screen means that you can no longer watch TV comfortably. To determine the ideal screen size you need to know the distance from the TV to the couch. Research by the Consumers’ Association shows that the ideal viewing distance is 2.4 times the screen diagonal of the TV in centimeters . We therefore recommend that you use this as a starting point for determining your screen size. Calculate the distance between the counting vision and the bank, divide this distance by 2.4 and find the ideal screen size for your TV. The size of TVs is indicated in inches instead of centimeters. Popular formats of today are:

  • 32 inch (81 cm)
  • 40 inch (102 cm)
  • 43 inch (109 cm)
  • 49 inch (124 cm)
  • 55 inch (140 cm)
  • 65 inch (165 cm)

You can use the above formula as a starting point but the most important thing is that you choose a screen that gives you a pleasant viewing experience.

Image Quality

The types of TVs currently sold the most are LED TVs and OLED TVs. LED TVs were introduced a few years ago and were mainly more energy efficient, thinner and had a clearer image than its predecessors. An important fact is that the LED TV is actually an LCD TV with LED backlight. LED TVs are available in Full HD and Ultra HD variants.

Choose a TV with 4k , also called ultra HD, if you really want razor-sharp images. The difference between a full HD TV and an ultra HD TV is in the resolution. A full HD TV has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and an ultra HD TV has a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels.