Top 7 Free Ways to Speed Up Your Computer!

Remove Unused Programs

This one tip will probably remove half of your problems right away. Think about it, do you really need that video game that your kids installed some time ago? Uninstalling the programs you don’t use will make your hard drive more space, giving your computer more room to work with; reduce the loading time and hence your PC will run faster.

But there are several methods that you can use to remove an application. For more information on three different methods that you can use to uninstall a program, please click here.

Stop Un-Needed Applications from Running at Startup

Most computer users especially newbies don’t realize that they are running too many programs when their computer starts up. This is not their fault, because many times the programs they install or use was added to the startup sequence without ever asking the user. These programs pile up and every time you start up the PC, it will need to be loaded first before you can use the system.

Those startup programs will needs to fully load before your computer is ready for use i.e. showing the Windows desktop. So, disabling those programs running on the startup (not uninstalling it) can make your PC run faster.

Defragment The Hard Drive(s)

Do you know that when we save our files, the computer will store the files randomly in the hard drive. As time goes by, you hard drive starts to fill up. But because the PC just simply fills up the hard disk when we are saving, when we want to open a saved file, the computer has to go to several different parts of your hard drive and finding the file just to open up a single file.

This is less efficient in the long run. Luckily Windows come with a free build-in tool called Disk Defragmenter. This tool will scan all the files in the hard drive then rearrange the files for easy access. It will also try to join the files that have been split up and tries to place the pieces next to each other. After running a defrag, you will see the computer run faster.

Run The Disk Cleanup Utility

The hard drive cleanup utility is another free system tool that you can found on the Windows. Basically, this tool will check an individual drive on the disk to make sure that it’s healthy and repairs any bad blocks that it find.

It also attempts to remove any unneeded files from your drive – old drivers, temporary Internet files, and files that you haven’t used in a while. So, depending on the usage of the PC, you can run the cleanup utility once in a while, like monthly or bi-weekly.

Download And Run a Registry Cleaner

There are lots of register cleaner out there, some are free while other are shareware. A registry cleanup tool is a program that runs through your registry entries (a place that store and register all the configuration file) looking for errors and correcting them. There are several free registry cleaner but it’s not very reliable. The more advanced registry cleaner has to purchase to enjoy the full functionality.

One of the cleanup tools that able to improve the vital areas of your PC and computer speed including Registry entries is CCleaner.

Delete Temporary Internet Files Periodically

When you go online, you look at the pictures, download music, videos files, etc. Unless you connection is super fast, imaging how slow the Internet would be if you had to download those files every time you went to a particular site. Luckily our browser (program to access online) is very smart, it will stores some, if not all, of these files on the hard drive where it can access them quickly if it needs to.

Not only that the browser will stores cookies, Internet URLs, cache, or search history so that you can access the web pages faster. These files can build up over time casing your computer to slow down. And we do not always go to the same web sites every time and hence the cleaning is needed. Every browser has a place to delete those temporarily Internet files to improve the efficiency.

Run A Spyware Removal Tool

If you are not aware of the spyware or malware by now, then consider this your wake up call. This is a little program that may give you headache or let you PC perform un-normally. As the name implied, it spy on your every move and use your computer against you. So your personal important data may be at risk and your PC will act differently if your system is infected by those malicious codes.

So, you must install at least one reliable spyware removal software to removed those apps that may harm your PC. Some are freeware while other more powerful spyware removal tool has to buy to enjoy their full features.

To conclude, I would say that if you implement the 7 ways above, your PC can definitely improve in terms of performance and reliability. There are more ways to increase the speed of your computer, and some of them are completely free!