Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier – The Teddy Bear Lives

If You Aren’t familiar with this Strain, You’re looking for teddy bear puppies for sale. When meeting a Wheaten you’re struck with the gorgeous colour of its jacket, thus its title, contrasted with black eyes that are black, black lips along with a big black nose. These terriers are incoming and invisibly dogs which will immediately turn into a buddy, more than the normal terrier.

The Writing Groomer: Wheatens

Let us get to understand this strain better by First reviewing the amounts. The men grow to between 18-20 inches in stature or 46-51 cm. The men weigh between 35-45 lbs or 16-20 pounds. While the females measure between 30-40 lbs or 14-18 pounds. These dimensions squarely set the dog to the medium size group.You can expect the breed to endure for 12-15 years.

The dog’s origins are steeped in Irish traditional. This wasn’t a dog of the upper crust of society. On the contrary, the Wheaten was consumed by and for its average Irishman who had a herder, searching companion or a dispatcher of vermin. Actually, the strain wasn’t recognized in the united kingdom until the 1940’s, using the AKC doing so in 1973.

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The Wheaten puppy is normally Reddish-brown in colour and stays so for about 3-4 weeks. The jacket starts to transition to the comfortable, warm wheaten color in this period.

Complete color transition will occur within 8-12 weeks. This very soft coat demands regular attention such as frequent combing and brushing.


Combing is really considered the better strategy. The coat does have the propensity to mat if left unattended. This becomes even more intense if the coat gets moist. Now, the Wheaten isn’t regarded as an outdoor dog for this reason.



Additionally, the coat ought to be trimmed regularly. This is essential for 2 reasons. As Stated previously, with the Propensity to Mat, trimming the jacket reduces this result. Second, Even Though the dog does not Shed, a significant advantage of the breed, trimming does remove loose hair. For Potential pet owners who may be allergic to dogs, the Wheaten be an excellent Option, for this reason.